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Annual Report & Strategic Plan

The Accreditation Board is a key contributor to the AIHS Strategic plan which has the objectives to:

1.1 Make a positive contribution to influencing the quality of health and safety education and training, including the accreditation of Higher Education.

1.3 Provide an up-to-date body of knowledge for the profession on which Higher Education and continuing professional development is based.

A focused scope of activities and funding models to achieve these objectives are outlined in the following strategic plans and Annual Reports.

Annual Reports

AOHSEAB Annual Report 2015-16

AOHSEAB Annual Report 2014-15

AOHSEAB Annual Report 2013-13

AOHSEAB Annual Report 2012-13

AOHSEAB Annual Report 2011-12

Strategic Plan

Strategic and Operational Plan 2013-14

Strategic and operational plan 2014-14

Strategic and operational plan 2015-16

Strategic and operational plan 2016-17

Strategic and operational plan 2019-22