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Current Students

Do you want to have input into the accreditation assessment for the OHS professional education program you are studying or make constructive comment about the program you are studying? Accreditation of OHS professional education programs is based on course design, resourcing and information, admission criteria, teaching and learning, assessment practices and course monitoring. See the detailed accreditation criteria. As part of the assessment for accreditation university and program documentation is analysed, information is sought from academic leaders, course coordinators, teaching staff, administrative staff, past and present students, and where practical employers of past students. If as a current student you would like to provide confidential feedback on the program you are studying and your experiences please complete this survey.


The information collected below will be used by the Australian OHS Education Accreditation Board for the sole purpose of improving OHS professional education in Australia. All surveys will be treated as confidential. Any publication based on this information will be collated so as not to identify source(s) or individual universities. Individual universities may be provided with information collated so as not to identify sources.

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