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About the Accreditation Board

Established in August 2011 under the By-Laws of the Australian Institute of Health & Safety, the Australian OHS Education Accreditation Board is an independent body dedicated to setting standards and making decisions related to accreditation in the field.

Need for Establishment

In response to the identification by the Health and Safety Professionals Alliance (HaSPA) in 2007 for the professional certification of generalist OHS professionals, the Accreditation Board was created. The development of a certification program required defining the OHS Body of Knowledge and recognising approved education programs. However, variations in OHS education among Australian universities prompted the creation of the Accreditation Board to address these gaps.

Core Activities

The primary function of the Board is to assess university-level OHS professional education programs, granting recognition to those that meet the Accreditation Criteria. Additionally, the Accreditation Board collaborates with government agencies, the Higher Education sector, and supports recognition awards to promote OHS education. Acting as the 'custodian' of the OHS Body of Knowledge, the Board ensures its currency and development and participates in an international network, contributing to the creation of a Global Framework for OHS Practice.

Supporting Australian Worker Safety

The Accreditation Board envisions OHS professional education grounded in strong scientific and technical concepts, evidence-informed, and delivered by competent individuals, recognised by the profession, government, industry, and the community. This vision aligns with the Australian Work Health and Safety Strategy: Vision 2026, emphasising the strategic outcome that those providing work health and safety education possess appropriate capabilities. The Board's activities directly contribute to this national strategic outcome by ensuring OHS professional education adheres to educational design and review processes, delivering learning that equips graduates with the knowledge and skills required for effective entry-level OHS professionals in the workplace.