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Board Members

Christian Frost



Christian Frost, the present Chair of AOHSEAB, was chosen for his profound knowledge, extensive experience, and forward-thinking approach, positioning AOHSEAB for future success. Currently serving as the Group Executive, SHEQ at Ventia, Christian brings valuable leadership to the board.

Gloria Kyriacou

Board Member


Gloria Kyriacou Morosinotto, a seasoned OHS expert with 24 years of experience, has significantly influenced safety in commercial construction, transport, and manufacturing. As a former RMIT University lecturer, she shapes future OHS professionals. Gloria consults for WorkSafe OHS Essentials, founded the 16-year AIHS OHS Construction Forum, and, as a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Health and Safety, ensures excellence in OHS education programs. Her written contributions and management of family businesses further enrich her impactful legacy.

Michael Eather

Board Member


Michael Eather, a distinguished professional, wears multiple hats in the realm of health and safety. As the Director of MicroRisk Group, he specialises in major hazards and dangerous goods, bridging the gap between regulations and practical risk advice. Michael’s extensive experience in high-hazard industries, including roles at WorkSafe Victoria, has shaped his pragmatic approach. Notably, he led WorkSafe’s inter-agency High-Risk Dangerous Goods Taskforce, responding strategically to complex events. In recognition of his contributions, the Australian Institute of Health & Safety honoured him as a Fellow in 2023.

Karen Walker-Bone

Board Member


Professor and Monash Centre for Occupational & Environmental Health

Dr. Karen Walker-Bone, a seasoned medical professional, embarked on a journey that seamlessly blended medicine and research. After specializing in Rheumatology, she delved into the epidemiology of neck and upper limb disorders in working adults during her PhD. Her passion for the intersection of work and health led her to influential roles, including being an MRC Investigator and Director of the MRC Versus Arthritis Centre for Musculoskeletal Health and Work. Now, as Professor of Occupational Rheumatology in Australia, Karen’s research illuminates musculoskeletal health in workplaces, with a keen eye on mental health, gender dynamics, and older workers.

Nektarios Karanikas

Board Member


Associate Professor - Coordinator of PU65 Postgrad Dip. Occupational Health & Safety

Dr. Nektarios Karanikas, an Associate Professor at Queensland University of Technology, is a multifaceted expert in health, safety, and environment. His journey spans academia, military service, and professional leadership. With a background in aeronautical engineering, Nektarios transitioned to safety and quality management. His impressive credentials include a doctorate from Middlesex University and extensive experience in maintenance, safety, and accident investigations. As a prolific author and presenter, he actively contributes to safety/risk management. Nektarios’s dedication extends beyond research—he volunteers in scientific and professional spheres, leaving an indelible mark on the field.

Marylin Hubner

Board Member


Manager Body of Knowledge

Dr. Marilyn Hubner, an accomplished safety professional, has dedicated over 20 years to developing and delivering safety training programs. Her impressive journey includes roles as Managing Director of Buildup Research and National Research and Training Support Co-ordinator for the National Safety Council of Australia (NSCA). In 2023, she assumed the crucial position of OHS Body of Knowledge Manager with the AIHS. Marilyn’s PhD thesis, completed at Victoria University, delves into the critical topic of “Constructing Safety Training: Foundations of Attitudes and Perceptions of the Construction Site Supervisor.” Her expertise and commitment continue to shape the safety landscape.

Margaret Cook

Board Member


Associate Professor, BOccThy(Hons) GDOHS MHlthSc PhD
Certified Professional Ergonomist Chartered OHS Professional FAIHS FHFESA MAICD
Academic Lead – Occupational Health and Safety Science
Chair – Occupational Therapy Council of Australia Ltd

Margaret, with over 25 years of active involvement in occupational health and safety research and practice, has left an indelible mark. Her academic journey spans both UQ and Queensland University of Technology, where she developed and delivered programs for both undergraduates and postgraduates. Beyond academia, Margaret’s extensive consulting work has impacted diverse organizations—from government departments to manufacturing and retail companies. Her outstanding contributions were recognized in 2002 when she received the Eric Wigglesworth Medal for OHS research excellence, presented by the Governor-General of Australia.

Kelly Johnstone

Board Member


Sr Lecturer

Dr. Kelly Johnstone, a Senior Lecturer at The University of Queensland, specializes in Occupational Health and Safety Science. With over 20 years of experience, she has honed her skills through academic work and consulting. Kelly’s focus on occupational health and hygiene spans diverse sectors, including Transport, Energy, Petroleum and Gas, Construction, and Education. As a dedicated member of the AIHS since 1999, she has held significant leadership roles, including Chair of the College of Fellows. Kelly’s commitment to safety resonates through her teaching, research, and industry contributions.

Angela Konstantopoulos

Board Member


General Manager Health, Safety & Wellbeing

Angela, as the General Manager of Health Safety and Wellbeing at the Coles Group, spearheads the development and implementation of the Health, Safety, and Wellbeing Strategy. Her team oversees risk management for 130,000 team members and 20 million weekly customer interactions across retail and manufacturing sites. With 25 years of experience, Angela’s journey includes senior roles at Wesfarmers (including Bunnings and Officeworks). She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a Masters in Conflict Management from the University of South Australia.

Simon Roberts




Dr Simon Roberts, a distinguished professional, wears multiple hats in the realm of occupational health and safety. As the Founder of EHS2U, he collaborates with C-Suite leaders to elevate OHS performance. Simon’s academic engagement at Edith Cowan University enriches the OHS program. His impressive credentials include a Doctorate in Business Administration from the University of Southern Queensland and three separate Master Degrees in Business, Leadership, and OHS. As the AOHSEAB Registrar, Simon’s impact resonates across the field.