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Professional Resources

Global Capability Framework

The framework recognises that the knowledge and skill requirements for the OHS profession vary significantly depending on the level at which people are working.. The framework articulates six levels of work: (Practitioner 1-3 and Professional 1-3) from entry level positions through the range of tasks practitioners are required to undertake, and on into senior management and executive roles.

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Body of Knowledge

The OHS Body of Knowledge  takes a conceptual approach which enables it to be applied in different contexts and frameworks. To optimise it value from an educational and professional perspective, learning outcomes have been developed for each technical chapter. These learning outcomes describe what a new professional should be able to do in the workplace as a result of this knowledge.

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OHS Professional Capabilities

The OHS Professional Capabilities  have been developed as statements of what a new graduate should be able to do in the workplace taking account of the level of qualification from which they have graduated. The capability statements are similar to but different from graduate attributes.

It is anticipated that the capability statements will inform the development of learning and assessment activities in OHS education programs; that they will assist recruiters and employers in selecting OHS advisors and inform performance appraisals and professional development plans. For current OHS professionals they provide a useful benchmark for reflective processes.

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The Australian Institute of Health & Safety conducts certification of the Generalist OHS Profession, through a program which acknowledges the capability and credibility of OHS Practitioners and Professionals though the combination of their education and work experience.

Certification of the OHS Profession sets standards of education, experience, and demonstrated knowledge and skills and evaluates people against those standards.

To help you understand a bit more about OHS Certification program, application process and professional certification pathway, you can access the OHS Certification webinar here