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The Safety Institute of Australia together with the Australian OHS Education Accreditation Board presents three annual education awards. The purpose of these awards is to provide an opportunity for students studying occupational health and safety at university level, and demonstrating high levels of achievement and initiative, to be recognised by the Safety Institute of Australia. These awards are not designed to recognise the highest academic achiever, but to recognise the potential in students who display consistently high academic standards, practical skills and a commitment to, and involvement in, occupational health and safety. In offering the OHS Education Awards it is not the intention of the Safety Institute of Australia to repeat the academic process of assessment conducted by the education institution but to provide an OHS professional perspective to educational outcomes that have already been considered exceptional by their own educational institutions.

The awards are the Eric Wigglesworth OHS Education (Research) Award, the National OHS Education (Postgraduate) Award and the National OHS Education (Undergraduate) Award.

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